What Types of Flowers Should You Gift Your Mom on Mother's Day?

8th May, a celebratory day, we honour the woman of our life who gave birth to us, devoted her entire life just to raise her son or daughter to be a good, kind-hearted person, a selfless yet powerful person. However, a particular day is insufficient to express gratitude to the mothers. Still, the very least we can do is pay tribute to them whenever and however we get the opportunity. And giving gifts on a day like Mother's Day is one such opportunity.

One of the best, traditional, and time-honoured gifts that a person could ever think of giving to the dearest one is flowers. Flowers have always been considered a symbol of love, affection, endearment, and passion. So, what else can you think of giving your mom on a special occasion like Mother's Day other than a beautiful bouquet of flowers?

Carnations can be an ideal choice for this occasion. They are known for its beauty, immense happiness, mental peace and soothing affect.

The different taste needs different flowers!

Even the mothers who tell you to buy nothing for her will be happy if you surprise them with a perfectly decorated bouquet of fresh flowers, whether you are buying her by a person or ordering it online. But the problem lies underneath the taste. Not all moms may have the same type of taste.

One might like the traditional bouquet of roses, whereas another might be pleased after getting white Peonies. You can choose from zillions of carnation options for moms who think pink, like getting all pink blooming flowers in a pink-tinted flower vase. So before juggling with all the ideas, consider looking for the Mother’s Day flower delivery Singapore for better options.

When it comes to carnations, you can buy Red Fondness, Pink Fondness, Duet Fondness, Blossom of love, and many more from “My Flower Fairy Tale”

Flower colours and their meanings

As with special occasions, fresh flowers are always good for moms, but which one will be suitable—confused with all these options? Fret not! This writing piece will help you learn more about the perfect blooms, their colours, and what they signify? If you know your mother as a lady who inclines toward perfection and has refined taste and class, then spirited roses are the ones to get for her on a day like this. Lilies, the remarkable ones, are simply bursting with symbolism. White lilies symbolize purity, whereas pink lilies are for prosperity and abundance. If your mother is the one who inspires you the most, then you can present her with a delightful bunch of lilies.

Carnations can give a whole new sense to the occasion and your mother will surely feel special. You can explore great options before ordering.

Flowers that bring joy and peace

Tulips are one of the most loved flowers that have numerous meanings- each flower is one of a kind. So, you can choose according to your and your mother's taste. For example, purple tulips represent royalty, and the white ones stand for romantic love. And not only the colours but also different types of tulips based on the petals- you can look for parrot, fringed and French tulips, each one as unique and beautiful as your mother! 

On the other hand, Orchids are flowers to get for your trendy mother, a woman who worships fashion and loves exotic styling. Consider orchids as flowers that hold the significance of highly evolved plants and are easy to take care of. So, if you are wondering which colour to choose, try the pink one; they stand for femininity, elegance, and poise. To get more flower options, search for Mother's Day flowers Singapore

Your mom will like whatever flower you give her because they are your gifts! However, to express the love and gratitude for everything she has done and gone through for you; put some effort to find the perfect bunch for her as she's worth it!  

You will get many options. Carnations are one among them. Trust us, they will look and feel awesome. My Flower Fairy Tale can be an excellent option to order carnations and other flowers for mother’s day.