Learn A Few Ways To Use Carnations For A Decorative Bouquet


Carnations are indeed quite popular for many things, but most importantly for their varied distinctive colour. Other than that, carnations are really versatile when it comes to decorating a bouquet. However, there is a concept that most florists even won't comply with that other than using carnation as a decorative filing flower; it can be used as the main element. If you ever take up the service of carnation bouquet Singaporeyou will know how carnations can be used as the main flower for the decorative agent. 

Various ways to use carnation 

There is no doubt that the pastel shades of carnation give much scope for decoration when it comes to the matter of combining a bouquet. When put down together, the flower seems more like a draped fabric, which is indeed quite aesthetically appealing. You can also combine other flowers such as roses in various colours and other decorative leaves. You can also use these flowers to give the bouquet more shape.

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